Book Club Kits

Gather your group of readers of all ages and start your own book club.

Kits are available to check out for 6 weeks and include plenty of suggestions for activities and discussions suitable for all ages and sizes of families, friends and groups of like-minded readers.

Each kit addresses the themes within a middle-grade book and includes picture books focusing on similar themes, allowing for meaningful and thoughtful discussion and growth among a wide variety of ages.

Happy reading!

  • The One & Only Ivanby Katherine Applegate
  • The Wild Robotby Peter Brown
  • Just Mercy by Bryan StevensonThemes: Resistance & advocacy, oppression, dehumanization vs. humanization, empathy, mercy, economic & racial bias Reading Level: Grades 5/6 & Up; Picture Books - pre-school & up
  • Love That Dog by Sharon CreechThemes: Boys & dogs, poetry, writing out feelings, boy poets, diaries, teacher-student relationships Reading Level: Grades 3 - 6; Picture Books - pre-school & up
  • Fish in a TreeThemes: Personal conduct, self-esteem, persistence, learning disability, loneliness & friendship Reading Level: Grades 4 - 6; Picture Books - pre-school & up